How much would you pay for Windows 7?

Are these seriously the prices for Windows 7?

  • Windows 7 Starter: $200
  • Windows 7 Home Premium: $259
  • Windows 7 Professional: $299
  • Windows 7 Ultimate: $319

Let’s see, how much does  good netbook cost these days? What percentage of that cost will be Windows 7? I have a bad feeling about this if these pricing models are correct.


UPDATE – Ars, which originally posted the pricing rumor now says: Upon further reflection, we regret posting this rumor. The source was anonymous and not one of our usual, trusted tipsters

I’ll hold off further comment until we get formal pricing from Redmond, suffice it to say, price will matter quite a bit in terms of how well Win 7 gets adopted. The percentage of costs allocated to Windows just isn’t something that’s going to be sustainable in the current market. Both business and consumers are going to pay a lot of attention to what migration costs will look like.

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