Kindle 2 first impressions

image574734658.jpgWiFi got overloaded pretty quickly so hard to update via Twitter.

Amazon spent some time talking about the evolution of the book and the success of the kindle. Currently 230,000 titles (as I’ve mentioned, they’ve crossed the threshold of good enough). I tend to agree with most of what’s been said and why the kindle has done well to date.

So what’s new? Kindle 2. Much thinner 0.36″ thick. 25% thinner than iPhone. Still a one handed device. New eInk with 25% faster page books. Holds 1,500 titles on board. Still Whisper Net based. Overall design looks nice, spy shots were accurate. WhisperSync allows users to keep content and bookmarks in sync across Kindles. Mention made of “other devices”.

Screen refresh looks better. Still a bit distracting I think. New nav looks to be improved for jumping around. USB charger is nice as well.

Text to speech is integrated into all texts. Not bad. Sounds like an updated version of Macintalk. Audio book lovers will not likely be swayed to switch.

Steven King showed up and has an exclusive story for the Kindle. I’m not a big King fan but it was a nice coup to have him at launch. Was interesting have him read part of the story.

Overall, it’s a nice design. Will still likely appeal to folks who are mobile a lot and who like to read. Hardware is nice but still not quite as beautiful as Sony’s design. It’s a nice evolutionary step bit at $359 seems still a bit high.

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