Quote of the day

"If you deploy a four or five-year old operating system today [Windows XP], most people will ask their boss why the heck they don’t have the stuff [Vista / Windows 7] they have at home."

Steve Ballmer

Not sure I buy that argument at all. Too many folks who get home machines with Vista that look for ways to get XP back. Granted, this was the story when Windows 95 came out and a lot of IT shops at the time found users had taken the OS upgrade story into their own hands. I’ve not heard from too many IT departments that have been worried about end user Vista updates on corporate machines. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft can recapture any of that Windows 95 end user excitement with Windows 7. I still recall the users lined up around the blog at the Egghead software store in Seattle the night before Win 95 launch. Have never seen anyone stand online for a Windows release since.

One additional point, I suspect that Ballmer wasn’t taking into account the number of folks whose home operating system isn’t even a PC at all but rather a Macintosh.

One response to “Quote of the day

  1. Michael,

    First of all kudos in getting the new blog up – i was hoping you would ressurect this. Appreciate the Blogroll mention!

    Secondly, I think here is some truth in that as people at home get new PCs, or upgrade PCs they will help take those preferences into the workplace – that could mean OS, or simply monitor size, hard drive size, etc. Ironically, they probably have a faster pipe but everything is else is dated.

    My brother is pretty tech savvy and it’s obvious to him that he is using a dinosaur PC at work. In thsi economy, I suppose people should just be happy they have a job, rather than complaining about their PC, but I see a grain of truth in Steve’s statement.

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