My Dad’s World

I’ve been thinking a lot about the nature of the mobile space and it seems to me I live in a very different world than my father did. For him, work was work and home was home. Rarely was their an intersection between the two places. I don’t recall calling my father at work (unless there was some sort of emergency). Likewise, when my father was at home, he rarely engaged in work activities, certainly there was no email or voicemail to check.

There was also no mobile space. Mobile was defined simply as the place that was neither work nor home. It was travel or commute time and for the most part dead time. You could listen to the radio, read a newspaper on a train but your activities were limited and there was no connection back to either work or home.

By contrast, I live in different times and those distinct worlds and the mobile space between them has changed quite a bit. But that’s a conversation for another post.

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