A camera carried is a camera that is used

Robert Scoble, who makes his living taking ubiquitous videos of people takes a look at three popular point and shoot video cameras and comes up with my choice as a favorite, the Flip Mino HD. Robert also makes an important point.

The Flip is the best because it is the best designed and smallest. It is — in talking with my friends — the most likely to end up in their pocket. A camera carried is a camera that is used and a camera that is used, even if it has slightly lower quality that some other camera, is one that’s better.

Robert’s point is true of every mobile device. The device you have with you is worth much more than the one you had to leave at home. There’s an upper limit to how many devices people will carry with them and there’s a huge divide between devices that are pocketable and ubiquitous and those that need to go in a bag with something else. It’s a critical distinction that I think is often lost on vendors.

One response to “A camera carried is a camera that is used

  1. So very true. I opted for a Canon G10, my brother a Canon 5D with all the gear. Mine’s with me, his is in the trunk. I have shots, he has nothing but expensive, unused gear. I annoy the hell out of him with my laughter.

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