Modu Lives

image It’s been a long road to market for the folks at Modu but it looks like they’re making some progress with the news that they’re on track to ship the first phone later this year along with several “jackets” to add functionality. I spent some time on the phone yesterday with Dov Moran, the CEO and he has a pretty compelling stoy to tell, even with the delays that they’ve had to market. They’ve upped the specs on the phone along with a new UI since I last met with them nearly a year ago.

I still think the core concept is sound, it’s now a question of timing and pricing. If they can hit the market this spring with a first device and keep the price relatively low, there’s a good chance they can get the necessary traction to keep things moving and get to the point where they can introduce a v2 product.

Context remains the killer application for mobility so the ability to have a device that’s capable of morphing functionality based on where I am and what I’m doing is appealing, especially when the core functionality for telephony remains a constant. In fact, it’s exactly this type of modular design I’d love to see in higher function devices. I still prefer small, pocketable voice only devices on occasion. Other times i want the larger screen, keyboard and functionality of a smartphone. A device that can take on different attributes when needed would be fantastic and at the same time provide some interesting upgrade and aftermarket accessory options. This is still an interesting story to watch.

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