When it comes to blogging, Love is a better master than duty

Earlier I talked about the benefits of blogging and how blogging had specific business benefits when I launched them at Jupiter Research. There was no advertising on the blogs, the blogs themselves were the advertisement. What I didn’t discuss were the bloggers who’ve been successful who weren’t looking for monetary success when they started. They blogged because they had something to say about things that interested them and others found those thoughts interesting as well. Dave Winer probably wasn’t looking to make millions when he started sharing his DaveNet thoughts to a list of users on AppleLink or when he evolved that into scripting.com. But Dave’s not the only one. Kevin C. Tofel and James Kendrick are two of the most passionate folks I know about mobile technology. Last year they sold their site to GigaOm and now they both write about mobile tech full time. Dave Zatz turned his passion for digital technology into jobs with Slingmedia and Dash. I suspect his blog is one of the things that got people’s attention. Good friend Jeremy Toeman’s blog helped grow his consulting business at Stage Two. Of course, i’d be remiss not to mention Peter Rojas and Ryan Block’s success with Engadget. I could go on, feel free to let me know your examples as well. Bottom line? There’s far more ways to monetize a blog than with AdSesne.

Einstein reportedly coined the phrase “love is a better master than duty”. I suspect if Einstein were alive today he’d be reading some of these blogs. He’d probably be writing one too.

2 responses to “When it comes to blogging, Love is a better master than duty

  1. It’s probably worth mentioning that Mr. Rojas himself convinced me to start my blog. He didn’t accept my fears of the tech or my ability to communicate. So I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for believing in me and kicking me in the rear. It’s been an amazing journey. And like you say, very little of the reward comes from the ads on my site. (:

  2. Seems Dave is getting a lot from his recent post but I’ve always credited Doc Searls with the making money “because of” vs “from” a blog meme. Seems he’s been talking that for a long time.

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