The beginner today will be the expert of tomorrow

Latest column from Bruce Tognazzini is well worth the read. Who is Bruce Tognazzini? I’ll let him tell you.

Bruce Tognazzini was hired at Apple by Steve Jobs and Jef Raskin in 1978, where he remained for 14 years, founding the Apple Human Interface Group.  He remains a major Apple fan, which is why, when they’re doing wrong, he feels compelled to talk about it.

Bottom line?

Apple needs to take a fresh look at all of their products across the board, specifically looking for where old decisions favoring new users are now dragging those same users down. Of course it’s a good idea to avoid complexity, including hierarchies, where possible, but some tasks are inherently complex. Go for visual and behavioral simplicity where it works, but be prepared to back off.

I could think of a few Apple products that could possibly fall into this category. You?How about you? What would you like to see Apple update or refresh?

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