Feedback loop or loopy feedback?

I get a lot of e-mail from folks, like most of my colleagues or anyone who offers public opinion and analysis. Lately it seems that some topics are very sensitive with some folks and are provoking rather harsh responses. For some that means posting a comment here on the blog, for others, it seems they prefer a more direct response via email.

Now, topics, like bashing Microsoft, are always cool. No one reacts too strongly and people generally like stuff like that which is probably why it’s done a lot. Other topics, like Apple, Linux or Firefox seem to bring out strong and often nasty responses for anyone who dares to criticize them. Now I’m all for discussion and the honest exchange of ideas but let’s face it, calling someone an idiot in your opening sentence usually doesn’t further the discourse.

So in that spirit, I’ll address some of the emails I’ve gotten over the last few weeks right here.

For those of you who have written offering intelligent and alternative views to my own, thanks it’s been a pleasure conversing.

To the rest of you, I’ll collectively answer what seems to be the biggest question on your minds. "Yes, my parents were indeed married prior to my birth".

Finally to the kind soul who blessed me, "to be fruitful and multiply". Thanks for the kind thought… Even if those aren’t the exact words you used in your e-mail.

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