Control sync, control the world, once more

A while ago I posted about the need for what I called, Exchange for the Rest of My Life. It started after a meeting with the founder of Sharpcast who at the time was working on a really cool photo sync service… but it wasn’t enough for me. Here’s what I wanted.

I want to have (or have access to) every picture I have taken (I’ve been a digital camera users since 1995), every song in my collection and every document I have written on every one of my PCs. If I take pictures and download them to one of my PCs, I want those photos updated on all my other machines the next time I access them. I want it to happen simply, invisibly and just work.

The solution for this is here. I’ve talked about it before but with a new Windows Mobile client, it’s worth discussing again. it’s called SugarSync and it does exactly what I asked for. I simply install a client (PC and Mac) and tell it what folders I want on what machines… Everything is linked and stored in the cloud. Bonus? I can access all my content on any machine from a Web UI, see all my photos arranged into galleries (and there’s a nice smartphone client for WinMo and Blackberry that lets me view them as well). I switch among a half dozen computers on a regular basis and the ability to sit down on any one of them and see updated versions of what I’m working on is super useful. If you use more than one computer, you need to look at this service. Does this sound a lot like Live Mesh? Yes it does, except that the folks at Sharpcast are already delivering most of that functionality today.

I’ve spoken with the team there again recently and there’s even more fun stuff to come (which I have been asked not to discuss just yet) but keep an eye on these folks. I’ve talked a lot in the past about the power of the company that controls sync and my mantra of “control sync, control the world”. The team at Sharpcast are well down that path with the SugarSync eco system.

4 responses to “Control sync, control the world, once more

  1. I use Sugar Sync for everything except my “media” backup (movies, music, etc), where backing up 400 GB is too expensive. But for my “daily” work machine, I use SugarSync and I am very happy with it.

    I use Mozy for the big stuff. But be warned, it limits upload to 1Mb (bit, not byte), so the first sync is a 30 day affair.

    Not sure if it will trigger my Comcast limit.

  2. just started using dropbox for my sync needs. it offers nearly identical features to sugarsync. so far so good! *so long overdue* really solves a big pain point in my life.

    now if i can only sync calendars across google, yahoo, outlook, iphone… ugh!

  3. Frank,
    Sugarsync is way broader and richer than Dropbox. Just try to find in Dropbox how to:
    – add files from any folder and not just the Dropbox folder. Clearly a stopper for any serious user unless you are willing to restructure all you existing files.
    – access your data from any mobile native application for iPhone and WinMo
    – stream your music to the web interface and iPhone application.
    – have a 250 GB account

    The only advantage that I can think of Dropbox is that they have a free account for 2GB is not really anything I can use.

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