Slacker ate my Blackberry

Yesterday, as I was trying to frantically escape the NY area to get to Seattle before the snow hit, I decided to try the offline cache mode of the Slacker Blackberry client. Seemed pretty straightforward. Tag the station you want cached, connect to a PC via USB (although why it won’t update over WiFi is a mystery to me) an voila, lots of interesting new content to listen to on the plane. Wrong. Fifteen minutes in Vista started telling me there were serious problems with the Blackberry drive. The processes locked up and the Blackberry was now a nice sickly shade of white. Killing the process and re-boot Blackberry and all will be right with the world? Wrong! Blackberry is now stuck on the white screen of death. I, of course have no recent backup, which doesn’t matter as I can’t get the Blackberry desktop to recognize there’s a device. Fortunately, I’ve been in this position before and a few hours later I had a working Blackberry again, albeit with no data, apps or the like. Thanks to an nearly four hour delay at the airport, I had time to get it mostly working again, with once exception. No more Slacker. This is about the worst hosing I’ve seen of any device due to a mobile app. Going to take it off my iPhone as well.

3 responses to “Slacker ate my Blackberry

  1. I have been having Slacker issues on my Bold as well, but chocked it up to having multiple accounts on Storm and iTouch. Nothing as bad as your experience though. Slacker won’t play anymore on Bold. Starts to load song then pops backs a “Login Failed” message. Yuck.

    I have stock firmware, too. You?

  2. I wouldn’t bet all my pennies on that, if they work out the kinks on those mobile apps.. I’m a long time Sirius subscriber and it seems that now i get less, no more free internet radio. i’m switching to slacker, just bought the G2 Player. The service is great and can’t beat the price… gratis….

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