Apple on the new iPod Shuffle headphones

Just spoke with Apple, and confirmed there’s no authentication or DRM in the iPod Shuffle’s headphones. There is a license fee, as part of the “made for iPod” accessory logo that applies to lots of devices and accessories for vendors who want to make headphones that work with the new Shuffle. That includes access to the necessary schematics, controls etc to make it all work. Same as if you were building a dock connector for an iPod or a car kit for the iPhone.

Nothing new here and nothing insidious IMHO.

5 responses to “Apple on the new iPod Shuffle headphones

  1. and all it took was a telephone call to clear that up, seem like i heard Jon Stewart telling someone something like that last Thursday night.

  2. Do you know how much a vendor is charged for the chip? Is there a submission fee, or do you have to be approved?

    Stuff should work for sure, but not for Apple to try to make a profit at this level! Do you think they are? . I may only sell 200 of what ever I may make a year. I am one guy.

  3. The Made For iPod” program was purportedly started by Apple because there were many accessories being sold for early iPods that just plain didn’t work. I know of at least one dock-style charger that would not charge because rather than going to Apple, the manufacturer tried to reverse engineer the 30-pin Dock connector and failed. Apple is trying to make sure that the customer has a good user experience, and I for one am happy they do.

  4. I can’t wait until the apple company ipad is out in britain, i’ve come across a few reviews online from All of us consumers also it appears brilliant. I’ve seen a few awesome components ^ around the corner also! ipad PWNS!

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