When Reporters Have Agendas – Part XXVVI

Call from a segment producer for a TV show. "we’re doing a segment on the iPhone news from Apple later this week, we already have one analyst who says it will continue to be a success in 2009, we want you to be the other analyst who will talk about why it won’t".

I declined to do the show.

One response to “When Reporters Have Agendas – Part XXVVI

  1. Good for you! Had a similar experience when Apple dropped the original iPhone price about 2 months after launch. I was quoted in the NYT on the subject but of course only my negative bits on the situation made print. A day after the issue hit press, I was contacted by the producer of the Geraldo Rivera show in NYC. They wanted me to come on and basically spout my anger on the topic. I passed for the same reasons. Well, that and because I probably can’t lift heavy chairs and throw them around on set. ;)

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