Adamo, right machine but wrong time?

I’m looking at the new Adamo released by Dell today after a long teaser campaign. Overall machine looks nice but I’m wondering how well the specs match up with the price and how much consumers are paying for design. Yes, Dell has done a good job of design but a 1.2 ghz core 2 duo and a four pound weight at $1,999 make this less desireable than some netbooks. Some of the features are downright amusing. While Apple has long refused to sticker or mar the underside of their PCs with the various markings found in their PC cousins, Dell had tried to emulate that aesthetic with the Adamo. How theuve fone it in this case is amusing. Microsoft for some arcane reason requires Windows licensees to incorporate a Windows sticker on each box. In this case, Dell complied and then created an odd magnetic cover that seems to serve no other purpose than to cover said sticker. Does it get sillier then this? Vendors spending time and money to build a hardware feature to cover up a Windows sticker. That exercise alone tells you why Dell doesn’t quite really understand why Apple has been successful marketing to consumers.

Don’t get me wrong, the Adamo looks very nice (although Dell’s going to be challenged getting consumers to see the Adamo up close and personal) but there’s more to a PC than looks. Take off that magnetic cover and you realize that underneath, you’ve got an expensive Windows PC with average specs. At a time when consumers are looking for value in every dollar spent, Adamp might be the right machine but at the wrong time.

One response to “Adamo, right machine but wrong time?

  1. I know there are lots of smart people working at companies other than Apple. Why do they always aim for Apple’s current products? Common sense says they should be aiming for what Apple will release next. Easier said than done. Dell has created an nice looking under powered PC that seems to match up with the 1st gen macbook air. Apple is already on the 2nd and working on the the third. I guess today’s iphone event will show if Palm played their hand too soon or too late.

    What are your thoughts on the release timing of the Dell? Seems like competing with Apple and a Saint is not a wise move. What was going on yesterday or tomorrow?

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