iPhone v3.0 – what in and what’s not

In a crowded room on Apple campus (which reinforces why Apple doesn’t need to do product launches at venues like Macworld) Apple announced version 3.0 of the iPhone platform. Presented by Apple execs, Greg Joswiak and Scott Forstall.  Here’s the quick rundown.

First Apple noted some stats, there were 800 million app downloads and the apps that applied to be in the store had a 96% acceptance rate. 13.7 million sold in 2008. Overall pretty impressive specs.

First up was the SDK. Apple’s got a 1,000 new APIs for developers to build on, they showed a few today in demo applications. What’s interesting is that most of those applications shown would be virtually impossible for developers to create on other platforms.

Peer to peer connections over Bluetooth for games and other types of sharing, such as business cards

Support for subscription services, as well as in-app purchases (great for games for additional levels and content providers)

Support for embedded Google maps and turn by turn directions (bring your own maps for the latter)

Apps can now connect directly with hardware. Think of Docks with integrated controls right on the iPhone or iPod Touch

Push notification but no background processing apps

Built in support for streaming video and audio that can automatically be adjusted for bandwidth

Apple shifted from there to end user features. Most of these were features that users have been looking for since the iPhone was introduced and in that regard Apple met expectations

Cut, copy and Paste. Note, only Apple could get applause for cut, copy and paste as a feature


A2DP Bluetooth audio support

Spotlight integration, universal search across Calendars, Contacts, Mail and will even search your Exchange server if not local

Support for CALdav and .ICS calendars

Voice memo app

Updated stock app with more features and landscape mode

Landscape mode for all apps

Still missing?

Flash – We know it’s coming and the biggest reason for Flash, namely YouTube is already supported
Video recording – This one’s important
tethering – Apple says support is there on the client side and it’s about working with carriers to enable it

2 responses to “iPhone v3.0 – what in and what’s not

  1. Still Missing: a way to organize the massively cluttered home screen.

    Copy/Paste implementation looks very well thought out. CalDav is great and a nice surprise!

    Question: why do you say we know Flash is coming? I might be misreading your summary, but the already working YouTube implementation, utilizing H.264 seems to me a reason Flash might *not* be coming…?

  2. Tethering isn’t missing. AT&T are missing it. Works fine in the UK on o2.

    What I am missing though is responding to my gCal invitations via calDAV. I just get a faded out box in the calendar app. I don’t know how they can say .ics is supported if it only works one way.

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