A closer look at Google voice

I tried Grand Central awhile back and now that Google’s changed it over to Google Voice, it’s time for a closer look. I’m in the process of figuring out the best way to use Grand Central with my current phone number. If you have suggestions how to use Google Voice with an existing phone number please let me know.

There’s a lot to like about one number (although I already have workarounds so folks can just dial one number and reach me anywhere in the world) but I have a few hesitations.
1. I’m now giving Google the control to be the primary access point for communication. It just feels odd (and not something I’d hand over to any small company in this space.) Granted, I use Gmail, so I’ve given them control of the second most important access point, my email address but this is a little different. I’m not sure why but it just feels different
2. I don’t want a new phone number. Now, if Google could port over the number I have been using for more than a decade, that would be interesting. Right now, I can have that number forwarded to Grand Central but it’s not ideal and it doesn’t seem to work well.
If you’re calling me, let me know how you like the service and if you have any hassles in reaching me.

2 responses to “A closer look at Google voice

  1. Got any suggestions on a service where I can migrate my cell phone number to and have it forward to Google Voice? Ideally I’d love to be able to port my primary number – my cell – to GVoice, but in the interim, I’m looking for a suitable solution that doesn’t cost too much.

  2. Not sure why it’s worth giving Google/Gmail control of your email.

    Better is to register your own domain, and then set it up with Google Apps so that email sent to your domain is accessible via a Gmail interface.

    Gives best of both worlds:
    – Flexibility of owning the domain: good for branding & offers ability to switch email provider to any ISP at any time.
    – All the Gmail features: Gmail web interface and IMAP for access via desktop email apps.

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