What platforms lead themselves most to personalization?

While there wasn’t a whole lot of news out of Microsoft at CTIA, one thing they did discuss was the role of personalization in Windows Mobile going forward. They talked about the role of themes to personalize the device and also announced that among the designers creating content for these themes would be Isaac Mizrahi. You can see some of the designs below (the Mizrahi theme is the final one) and judge for yourself. I think Microsoft is on the right track here (although I personally cant say I love all the designs). The ability to personalize is a key component of devices going forward. We’ve seen it with ringtones, cases and the like but most devices don’t readily lend themselves to personalization through software.

There are two aspects of personalization in mobile devices. First, it’s the device itself. Some devices make a fashion statement all by themselves and their iconic designs. The RAZR comes to mind here as well as the iPhone. But there’s other aspects of personalization that go beyond the device itself and that’s why I think Microsoft is on to something here that might be more important than first glance. What do you think? Is personalization and customization going to be important to consumers? Bonus question, what platforms lead themselves to personalization more than others?  I have some ideas of my own that I’ll share shortly on that topic.



One response to “What platforms lead themselves most to personalization?

  1. Hi, I think that personalization would be a key issue in future devices, especially among young users. We can see many teenagers showing off their background photos on the handsets, sharing music for ringtones and even putting their own stickers on the phones in order to differentiate and to stand out. Themed applications are only one move towards it. The more personal the platform – the more tendency to make it special, so a mobile device is the first choice, followed by a portable gaming console, laptop and so on.

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