Will There Be a Windows Media Player 12?

We first got a look at Windows Media Player 11 back in 06 and of course, it’s become the default player for Vista and still appears in the Win 7 betas but other than that, there’s not been a lot of news or momentum around WMP or the WMP eco-system. At a time when Apple is leveraging iTunes as a core platform for Windows/Mac content management and other services, WMP seems to be quietly withering on the vine (or the OS, as the case may be).

We’ve already heard about the next version of IE, what about the next version WMP? Or will the next version of WMP just be the Zune software?

One response to “Will There Be a Windows Media Player 12?

  1. Hello,
    I will not be surprised if Zune does become Windows default media player. It just does not make any sense to have two different players and spend time and resource on it. Till now Zune software was just catching up. It still lacks some features like equalizer. But with coming midyear refresh of software and year end big update, I think it should catch up. Also Zune is much more eye candy which is in sync with what MS is moving towards with Windows 7. Also with MSFT spending resources on moving the Zune platform to various devices, momentum seems to be with the Zune software.

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