I was wrong

i’ve long stated that there’s a worldwide market for 50,000 of anything when it comes to consumer electronics. In the case of MIDs though, it appears that there’s not even a market for that many.

DigiTimes is reporting sales of just 30,000 units compared to the 150,000 – 200,000 units Intel promised estimated. Intel claims that the weak sales were due to the global economic downturn but we have another opinion: mainstream consumers don’t want a device that is too big for the pocket, provides less functionality than a netbook, and is priced like a laptop.

Of course, a lot depends on how you define a MID. While, I’ll have more to say on that topic next week. In the meantime, how do you define the term MID, Intel marketing aside for the moment.

2 responses to “I was wrong

  1. I think your original assumption is correct. There IS a worldwide market for just about anything – call it a MID or a Shamwow… As population increases, niche markets increase as well. In this case, I tend to think of MIDs as anything smaller than a netbook with more functionality than my cellphone (which, in my book, rules out MID as a distinct category of “new” products). So is there a 50k+ market? Absolutely.

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