Apple Updates Macbook line. First Take

Apple kicked things off this morning at their worldwide developers conference with lots of news. First up, new refresh to the Macbook line. Apple refreshed the 13″ uni-body Macbook and 15″ Macbook Pro with faster processors, more addressable memory, larger hard drives and built in battery the debuted with the 17″ Macbook Pro in January. The 15″ loses an express card in favor of an SD slot and the 13″ gains the SD slot. In fact, there are so many improvements that Apple now calls the uni-body 13″ machine a Macbook Pro now, which seems fitting.

Price points for the new units have dropped as well. The 13″ now starts at $1,199 and the 15″ starts at $1,699. Some price adjustments to the 17″ and Macbook Air as well. Nicely done and very well balanced product line, including a refreshed Macbook that Apple quietly upgraded a few weeks ago.

Nice upgrade to the line. New price points will be welcome. In particular the 13″ line looks very well positioned for back to school. New stuff is all available today.

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