3 responses to “My how the world has changed

  1. What’s really interesting is how far Apple actually fell and, by some measures, how far it still has to go to recover. One of the lead figures in that article was the terrible decline of Apple’s worldwide Mac marketshare – to 7.1%. I haven’t seen any worldwide figures lately, but I’m sure IDC had Apple at about 3% worldwide last year.

    If Apple hit 7% market share worldwide at the margins it maintains today… I suspect the shareholders would be VERY happy :)

  2. Apple’s market share was well over 10 percent recently (your numbers are about 3 years old IB) and laptop market share is over 15 percent. Apple is making almost one computer for every one from Dell. Their market share for computers over $1,000, where there is a decent profit margin, is 62 percent last I heard. Those numbers are quite telling.

    Apple doesn’t have anywhere to go. They are on top. They have half the profit of Microsoft with much smaller sales numbers.

  3. Eric, I believe you’re looking at US retail market share. Apple’s US market share (including both retail and direct channels) is around 7.5% according to IDC (http://www.macsimumnews.com/index.php/archive/mac_market_share_rises_slightly_year-over-year).

    I can’t find a specific recent IDC figure for Apple worldwide, but they’re not in the top five listed vendors – and the fifth-biggest, Toshiba, has 5.5% (http://www.macrumors.com/2009/04/16/apples-us-market-share-slips-in-1q-2009/). Clearly, this means that Apple is under 5.5% worldwide, which leads me to think my figure is about right.

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