Viliv is NOT the future of handhelds

CNET asks if Viliv is the future of handhelds. Answer, it’s not.

We’ve been down this path before, except then they are called UMPCs. At $599 to $899 the device is overpriced, underpowered and couldn’t even begin to replace a device like the Asus 1000HE which sells for a fraction of the price. Not to mention no real retail channel support except for an online importer.

Tweener devices like this will continue to fail because they can’t replace most consumers laptop needs (that keyboard turns out to be pretty important for content creation) on one end of the device spectrum nor can they replace the phone on the other end of the scale. Sure, they might even sell 50,00 of them (or not) But this is hardly the future of devices, it’s just another answer to a problem that no one really has.

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