Off Road Lessons

It’s been a busy summer for folks who cover the tech industry and I’m off the road the road for a week or two. Some quick thoughts;

1. My iPod lasts the entire plane flight from NY to the west coast and is the perfect size. Any less would not due and more would not be necessary. Vendors who continue to attempt competing products should reconsider unless there’s some way to really differentiate.

2. I fly Continental a lot. Mostly because Newark is a Hub and flying out of Newark saves me the hassle of shlepping to JFK or LaGuardia. In the course of an average year I fly over a 100,000 miles with them. I only have two requests, a bulkhead aisle set (to accommodate my 6’’4”” frame) and a fruit plate. I never get either unless I put a ridiculous amount of effort in. They recently priced a fare out to San Francisco for my next trip at $2,000. Jet Blue will cost me $300 for the same trip. I probably won’t get a bulkhead aisle or a fruit plate on Jet Blue but at least I won’t feel like an idiot either.

3. Marriott hotels have free high speed internet access and several power outlets at the in room desk. W Hotels charge you $15 a day for the privilege and have one outlet. But they do have a heavenly bed.

4. A Starbuck’s Mocha is a wonderful travel companion. Peet’s is still my favorite coffee if I can find it. Fortunately there’s a Peet’s across the street from the Westin on Market St. in SF (which isn’t really on Market St.) and there’s one at SFO.

5. Watching Casablanca on the flight home on your laptop is far more enjoyable at 1:00am than watching “whatever Continental has been showing for this month” for the 10th time.

6. Some companies forbid their employees to have dinner with analysts unless they have gone through analyst training (presumably to avoid any of our analyst Jedi-Mind Tricks). To my dinner companions over the last month, your secrets are safe with me and let’s do it again soon.

Oh, and if I have to sit on the runway for two hours after you close the door and prior to take-off, i do not think of it as an on time departure!

One response to “Off Road Lessons

  1. The Nexus is a amazing phone in regards to my opinion it wont be succesfull though.Why would people buy this when the can purchase an iPhone 3g from at&t for 100 bucks?Its all about brand recognition . Which is something Apple is killing

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