gdgt launches

gdgt-logo-redCongratulations to Peter Rojas and Ryan Block on the launch of gdgt. (disclosure, I’m an investor). What’s gdgt? (which is pronounced either gee-dee-gee-tee, or just “gadget”)

From the about page. “gdgt is a new kind of gadget site — a social gadget platform, really, enabling you to connect with the community through your gadgets, and connect with your gadgets through the community. It’s a place for you to engage with your devices and hang out with people who are as passionate about their gadgets as you are”

Quite simply it’s social network meets the gadget world. There’s a great camaraderie that I have with a group of analysts, bloggers and journalists. Whenever there’s a vendor event or conference, it’s a chance for us to sit down, show off the latest stuff we’re playing with and riff on ideas about what’s next in the industry, our favorite devices and what’s hot and what’s not. gdgt is designed with that same type of discourse in mind except that no one needs to be in the same room and everyone can join in the conversation. Love of gadgets is all that’s needed.

I’m looking forward to seeing and schmoozing with you over there. Don’t forget to bring what’s newest and coolest.

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