Loving the Loop

loopWith more folks using their PCs and Game Consoles as media and entertainment devices the questions becomes, how do you best control them. The PC in particular was designed to be used with a mouse but newer UI elements such as Front Row and Media Center work best with a remote control. I’ve tried a variety of Bluetooth Mice, 3D wireless controllers and the like and none have worked well for me until now. So when I first heard about the Loop, it was hard for me to get to excited. What’s the Lopp? A new device from Hillcrest Labs that turns out to be a killer gadget for controlling your PC, Mac and even the PS3. The Loop itself looks like… a loop and while it feels a little strange at first, after a few minutes of use, it becomes a totally natural extension of the media experience. Using RF technology, you just plug a small dongle into your PC/Mac/PS3 and pretty much you’re up and running. Hillcrest Labs offers some usage scenarios and adjustment tips on their website in case you run into issues.

It’s great for PowerPoint presentations as well but the Loop really shines as media controller. It’s the perfect complement for using a Mac-Mini as a media center device with the ability to use and navigate things like the native Hulu app as well as launch and use Front Row. For the PC, it’s a great alternative to using the controller to navigate and control. At $99, it’s a little pricey but no more so than a high end mouse would cost and Loop does much more. It’s not for everyone but if you’ve got a home theater PC, looking for a new way to control presentations or just use your PC from across the room, this is one of the most innovative gadgets I’ve seen for that purpose since Apple put a mouse on a mainstream computer in 1984. This one’s highly recommended.

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