Some Google Voice Tips

I’ve been using Google Voice for sometime, as I was former Grand Central user that migrated early. As more folks are getting on board, here’s a few tips and tricks I’ve learned to make it more useful right off the bat. If you have a Google Voice tip or trick, just add it in the comments below. I’ll also update this more over the next few days as time permits.

Keep your existing phone # with GV. In order to do this, you’ll need to have at least one other phone # you can use to forward calls to. I forward my old number to GV and then let GV direct that number to wherever I am on whatever phone I’ll be near. I use the present caller option to make sure that the only VM that gets used is GVs

If you’re in the car, answering can be hassle if you need to pick up the phone and press 1. Turn off call presentation before getting in the car and if you’re forwarding your number elsewhere, only forward to the one phone in the car you are using. Using only one phone will present GV from sending VM to the wrong phone.

If you have a GV number and want a new personalized one. You can change it under settings for a one time fee of $10.

The mobile web UI for GV leaves a lot to be desired. Google offers native clients for some platforms but not the iPhone. On the iPhone, the best app I’ve ffound so far is GV Mobile. It’s reasonably priced and makes GV a lot more useful on the iPhone.

If you set caller presentation to on, you can not only find out who’s calling but also send callers to voice mail directly and listen in on the voice mail as it’s recording. Yep, it’s like answering machine screening at home as you can pick up at any time if you choose.

Calls from a corp number seemed to get assigned an ID based on who makes the first call. That means just because GV says someone is calling from a particular place, it might not actually be them.

How do you use Google Voice? Add your tip or trick in the comments please.

6 responses to “Some Google Voice Tips

  1. I just got invited to GV a few days ago, and I have a question. I live in South Korea presently, so I have a Korean cell phone, but I also have an American Skype number. There’s no possible way to sync those together using GV, is there? I probably shouldn’t have signed up for GV, but I just can’t help myself when it comes to google.

    • Me to I have been on step 1 chose your number page for 2days :( i cant deiced if i want a local number that isnt that custom or a nice custom one with a long distant/remote area code
      I have been finding some good numbers and making a list so i sort through and hopefully chose one b4 they are all taken

  2. When you send an sms from your google voice # and the person responds you receive a sms from a unique (406) XXX-XXXX number. This number is now assigned to the person you are talking with. You can save this number in your contacts list as an alternate # for your contact. Anytime you call this number from one of your google voice linked #’s the call will automatically be routed through your google voice #. There is no need to use google’s web interface or call you google voice # first. It is quite a time saver.

  3. I love Google Voice. There SMS feature actually got me into it. I am able to send out free text messages to Bangladesh, India, and USA. It saves me good money on my texting program from Verizon Wireless because I can use that to send now. I think Google always does a very job of giving customers what they require and need. I have heard in the future they are incorporating Voice with the Android. Plus they purchased a new VoIP company which they will incorporate with the other two to give some excellent features. I need to get myself an Androind now haha.

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