2 responses to “My take on Snow Leopard

  1. With all respect, I don’t know how you could give Snow Leopard an unqualified endorsement.

    I upgraded in place on my MacBook Pro and although the OS hasn’t given me any system issues, it has created a number of issues with other software (TechTool Pro, Spring Cleaning, VirusBarrier X5, etc.). I’ve endured several system crashes, freezes and other suspicious burps after upgrading.

    I’ve worked with Macs since the old Classic II, and have navigated every OS upgrade since (if I remember correctly) system 5 or 6. I migrated happily to the UNIX-based OS with the introduction of version 10 and have never had stability problems. My experiences with 10.6 remind me of the bad old days when every upgrade created a slew of other applications and extensions problems.

    In addition, doing an in-place upgrade caused frustrations and problems with Final Cut Pro, Final Draft 8, and FileMaker Pro 9.

    I feel it’s too soon to embrace Snow Leopard. It seems that it was released prematurely. I’m seriously tempted to downgrade to 10.5 to be rid of these issues.

  2. agreed. Worst. Update. Ever.

    Well, system 8 had issues, but I just got a new MacBookPro with SL and it has been rocky at best. Multiple hard crashes while trying to access a mirror raid drive, Final Draft 7 running once, but that is it (beachball). And don’t get me started on QT X. I now have to manually go back and install QT7 Pro so I can deal with media files.

    Worst. Update. Ever.

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