Rhapsody Rocks the iPhone… HANDS ON at last!

I’ts been a while coming but as of this morning, The good folks at Rhapsody have announced the release of the long awaited iPhone/iPod Touch app. I’ve been using it for the last few days and I’m pleased to say it works really, really well. Just enter your credentials and you’re good to go. I had no problems streaming over the air (but of course, there’s no background streaming on the iPhone). I had no problems accessing my playlists, albums and artists. Along with the Sonos, this is the best integration of Rhapsody that I’ve seen . As i‘ve talked about before. Connected devices and streaming services are just made to go together. I’m still in shock that Nokia’s music efforts are still mostly tied to the desktop and not the phones they offer.

Now that Rhapsody i finally on a tier one connected phone, the iPhone, no less we’ll have a chance to see whether this model can finally resonate with consumers The iPhone is particularly important — as according to Interpret’s data, it’s the one phone users are purchasing for its media capabilities. Rhapsody will enable consumers for the first time have the chance to create powerful individualized services, optimized for the their listening tastes. If Rhapsody will take the time to explain just how the subscription model can co-exist with the music already owned by the consumers, we just might see theses services go from niche, music aficionado-oriented brands to mainstream success. I

Connected phones and subscription services together can help generate the next big inflection point in the music industry. Now, just imagine what happens when that’s connected to social media.

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