Department of, Who thought this was a good idea?

I don’t know how I missed this but, I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. A really long time. Tears rolling down the cheeks funny. In between, Oh My God, Oh My God… and when they got to “I showed my guests two of the Windows 7 orientation videos” OH MY GOD.

First thought? No one is going to back to these people’s homes for a party. EVER. (Seriously, these are the best actors in the world. They managed to get through that drivel without cracking up.)

Second thought? OK. Perhaps it’s all a mistake. Perhaps these things were supposed to be self deprecating, in which case they’re funny. But somehow, I don’t think that’s what they were meant to be. (if so, the joke’s on me).

Third thought? Someone needs to work with MSFT and how to really capitalize on social media. There are opportunities being wasted. Sure. you could argue that they’ve gotten people talking about the videos and by consequence, talking about Windows 7. Problem is, folks aren’t laughing with them, they’re laughing at them, it’s a big difference.

5 responses to “Department of, Who thought this was a good idea?

  1. OMG! The whole idea of trying to make Win7 “cool” with a launch party is silly. MSFT’s business customers must think this is awful. Now people will come into work expecting a Windows Party environment, won’t they? LOL

  2. OMG funny and I agree completely with the abonve.

    All Snow Leopard needs to be cool is the box it come s in… ROFLMAO….!

    On the other hand the comments about it being actually effective may be overrated.

    I never heard anything about this good or bad until for the first time ever I actually took a moment to look at the links in the latest WebBlog on Apple’s page. LOL!!

    This is nuts.

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