Lessons from the iPad Launch

Latest Engadget column, “lessons from the iPad launch” is now live here.

“Apple didn’t invent the MP3 player market or the smartphone market, and it’s got a long way to go in the market for tablet devices. In each case, it refined the concept to make a device that appealed to the enthusiast market but was able to go beyond that space and capture the attention (and wallets) of the mass market. Vendors competing with Apple in this space are going to need to understand these lessons and in many cases change not only their current products, but the story they tell.”

iPad Hands on and First Take

iPad hands on and first take are up at SlashGear. Check it out here

“When the iPhone went on sale, some called it a failure and predicted lack of consumer adoption. Like the iPod and iPhone, Apple did not invent the iPad device category. It has, however, done a better job to date than anyone else justifying that space to the market, and I expect both enthusiast and mainstream consumer demand to be strong.”