Time for me to fly at Altimeter Group

I am pleased to announce I’ve accepted an offer to join Altimeter Group as a partner leading our coverage of personal technology and mobile devices. In my work at Altimeter Group, my goal is to work with clients and help them understand the implications of a multi-screen, always connected digital world and how best to leverage the opportunities this new world creates. The analyst world is a relatively small one and I have long admired and respected the work of my partners, Charlene Li, Ray Wang, Jeremiah Owyang, Deborah Schultz, Lora Cecere and Alan Weber. Each of them is a thought leader par excellence who in their own way, has changed the world in their areas of expertise. When I was first approached about joining Altimeter Group, I was both humbled and honored. As I’ve had the chance to speak with my new colleagues over time, my appreciation for their brilliance, insight, analysis and creativity has only grown.

We live in perhaps the most intense and disruptive time in technology history, where Moore’s Law of change that occurs every eighteen months seems to be eclipsed by change that occurs every eighteen minutes. I, therefore, am thrilled to be able to collaborate with such wicked smart peers and I look forward to offering my insight and analysis to organizations seeking to understand and prosper from “what’s next”.

5 responses to “Time for me to fly at Altimeter Group

  1. Michael,

    Congratulations with your new job and much succes with your journey and upcoming challenges at Altimeter Group! I know many companies will be able to create value with help of your analysis en offerings of insights !

    // Remo Knops

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