Altimeter Report: The 18 Use Cases of Social CRM, The New Rules of Relationship Management

I’m taking a quick break to share some news about a report that my colleagues here at Altimeter Group have been working on. It’s a little out of my usual tech space but it’s something I’m really excited about because I think it’s one of those big game changing ideas.

My colleagues Jeremiah Owyang and Ray Wang have done an amazing job creating the concept of Social CRM and have released a report with eighteen cases that define the new rules of customer engagement. See Jeremiah’s overview here and Ray’s here.

Here’s two important action items.

1. Sign up for the webinar series. This is a deep topic, and the report is only the tip of the iceberg. As we’ve done in the past, we’re going to offer a series of free webinars on this topic to explore each of the use cases in gritty details. Sign up for the webinar now, as we can only have 1000 attendees per webinar, as our last webinar had over 1100 registrants.

2. Read then spread this report. Like open source, the Altimeter Group believes in open research, we want our ideas to grow, and others to take advantage of it. It’s free. No strings attached. No salesperson will call. Use it in your own work and have fun with it.

Most importantly please give us feedback.

Congratulations to Jeremiah, Ray and the rest of the Altimeter team that pulled this amazing piece of research together.

Enjoy, share, discuss.

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