Capturing Caressability

One of the things I’ve been working on for years is how to properly quantify a term I’ve used to describe a certain attribute of some devices. I call it “caressability”, the immediate desire to grab an hold a new device when you see it for the first time. It’s a term where it’s easier to show examples than to explain. For example, iPhones have caressability, Droid’s don’t. The RAZR had it, LG phones didn’t. It’s not something that’s limited to portable electronics either. As was pointed out to me by a friend, Ferrari’s have this attribute as well, Oldsmobiles do not. Breitling watches have it, Seiko watches do not.

It’s an important attribute to understand as it clearly resonates with consumers and can help elevate a product out of ordinary status (even if it only has ordinary features). As i still work to wrap my head around this, I’d love to hear what you think gives a product caressability.

3 responses to “Capturing Caressability

  1. As I could see you are questioning the droid as an OS for mobiles and your view is very interesting.( just to make a comment)
    I believe that each product has two caracteristics:
    1) is intrisic and the other is extrisic.
    One belongs to the product caracteristic and the other is the value the client gives to it.
    So, is a subjective matter for each person and this relye or have to do with the amount of Knowledge each pearson have about that subject. ( more comun is that the pearson dont have a position and will follow the others opinion)
    I sold HP calculators in the begining of the company and HP at that time have the caressability you are talking but Texas instruments calculators dont!
    I remember an student of engienerig comes to the office and ask for a HP45 ( scientific) and at that day we were out of stock of that model, so, he ask how many butons the HP80 has( financial calculator )that at that time we had it in stock once he knew that the amount of buttons were the same he decided for the HP80!!!
    Who makes your believes? I am agnostic but other believe in Jesus or Maome, or in Buda!This was a difficult question since ever but now that the technology is goig faster and faster that what is new today will be old tomorrow it becomes more difficult to know about our believes but my intention here is to help and give you one more feedback.
    Sorry for my poor english but I live in Brazil and this is the best I can!

  2. I depends mainly on the definition of your target audience. All from initial design, through development to positioning and marketing is thought of and executed based on the product’s target audience.
    And you can say that about Whiskeys, clothes, crisps and mobile phones.
    Interesting term “Capturing Caressability”.

  3. I agree with what you wrote about caressability. I disagree with the above comments. The iphone, even though I don’t own one has that caressability you spoke about. People are fascinated with them. I’ll even go as far as to say apple’s products seem to carry this caressability – and I’m not a apple fan.

    Caressability doesn’t mean its a better product, just mean people can’t but want to play with the device.

    Very true

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