Androids doing battle for both consumers and brand presence

There wasn’t a whole lot of revolutionary news out of CTIA this week, it was mostly evolutionary stuff although the pace of evolution is getting scary. The biggest news were two Android handsets.

The Galaxy S from Samsung on an un-named US carrier was clearly the Android phone to beat with a 1ghz processor and a very nice Super AMOLED screen. And an hour later the HTC 4G did indeed beat it. It may have been the fastest I’ve seen a platform defining device dethroned. (which is not to say the Galaxy is shabby in any way, it’s just the combination of HTC hardware, screen size and resolution, performance, Sense UI and 4G speed make it VERY compelling).

If Sprint can bring the EVO to market at the right price with a matching service plan, this thing could literally fly of the shelves. The fluidity of functions combined with the performance of 4G made the demo experience I had quite breathtaking. Things just happen. Fast.

Both devices confirm my view that no one’s technology, platform or device from last year is going to be good enough for next year. It’s also going to be harder and harder for players to separate themselves from the pack. Kyocera introduced some Android devices this week. Hardly anyone noticed.

Raising the bar for the device is going to not only affect consumer buy decisions but impact which platforms and devices that brands are going to align themselves with. The velocity of mobile means you simply can’t bet on the wrong horse. Even signature devices have a much shorter life span. Droid vs. Evo comparison made the Droid look very much like “day old bread” (in the words of my friend Harry McCracken). The velocity of mobile makes this simple. You simply can’t bet on the wrong horse and if you do, you’re going to have big problems. As mobile and social networks collides with disruptive force, being on the right device and proper platform can make all the difference for brand presence. Anyone doubt that 2010 is an inflection point?

Interesting observation. No one from Google was at either product launch.

One response to “Androids doing battle for both consumers and brand presence

  1. Brands will be forced to bet on ALL of the platforms, similar to the video game business model. Cross platform development will create inefficiencies and clutter, but many opportunities for scale as well. 2010 is certainly an inflection point.

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