The iPad as a productivity tool

One of the interesting issues around the iPad is how well it works as a productivity tool so that’s the topic if this week’s Engadget column. Read it here.

“While the iPad may look like a large iPod touch, in terms of computing, it’s much closer in functionality to a PC than a phone.”

One response to “The iPad as a productivity tool

  1. The problem is that it should be that, given its configuration, but it’s crippled by lack of multitasking, lack of ports, and the only connection to local resources being through the horror of iTunes. It can’t be seriously thought of as a computer until those issues are addressed. One more thing that must give for that to happen, Apple can’t have any say in what software runs on it. That’s a complete utter deal-stopper. Yes, I think I know something about it, and no, the rules didn’t all just change because Apple has you all drinking kool aid. You’ll come back to earth and realize you’ve been taken for a bit of a ride.

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