Can Courier deliver for Microsoft

Microsoft’s concept videos for a device/project called Courier have sparked imaginations including mine. It’s my topic for this week’s Engadget column. It’s already made it’s way to TechMeme and it’s generating some interesting comments (and proving rather popular with readers). Of course, at the moment, it’s still just a concept video. If Microsoft can take productize the concept and find a way to bring it to market in a timely manner we may have very different view of tablet computing vying for the hearts and minds of consumers.

The Courier UI shows a lot of interaction between the user and the device for content creation. While designers are the example shown, Courier appears optimized for researching, note taking, journaling and other tasks that might require a combination of different media types interacting. As appliance computing becomes more common, users will need both the ability to consume as well as create and interact. Courier shows some new thought and how we might evolve beyond mouse and keyboard while still able to create and design.

2 responses to “Can Courier deliver for Microsoft

  1. Call me skeptical.

    MS is famous for producing a lot of vapour products; I doubt they can condense this one in the manner they’ve broadcast.

    Microsoft: Over promise, under deliver
    Apple: Under promise, over deliver.

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