Think Pink – First take on Microsoft’s Kin

This has been a pretty wild first quarter. Google’s in the phone business. Apple’s in the ad business. Microsoft’s launched not one, but two new mobile platforms (anyone out there still think Microsoft is getting out of the mobile space?).

Yesterday, MSFT launched KIN, a new brand and set of devices aimed at specific demographic that bucks the trend of many mobile strategies. My first take on the news is the subject of this week’s Engadget column. While there are those who view this effort skeptically, there’s a lot of data to suggest that there’s a very specific market here that’s looking for exactly this kind of targeted functionality.

“Mature platforms and markets fragment. This is true of just about all markets. There are features, designs and other factors that all target different users and demographics. It’s something that’s just starting to happen in the mobile space and Microsoft is wise to get ahead of this curve. If one-size-fit all, and the only focus was on utilitarian functions we’d all drive Honda Civics, wear Timex watches and use BIC pens. We don’t — and the reasons that we don’t are what make Kin look very attractive”

We’re past the point of one size fits all for mobility. Look for more targeted products that aim to specific demographic or psychographic and look for more products that are polarizing in their appeal.

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