It’s way too early to judge Blackberry 6 for better or for worse

This week at their WES conference in Orlando, RIM showed off Blackberry 6 for the first time. (not Blackberry OS 6, Blackberry 6). Reactions have been interesting, such as my personal favorite “Blackberry 6: So 2008, So 2000 and late“. I’m not going to make the call just yet because it’s way too early to make a judgement call. It was pretty uncharacteristic for RIM to even show anything at all before launch. It does underscore two points.

First, it’s never to early to have an uninformed opinion. It shows how vendors have to be careful just what they say, how they say it and sometimes saying a little is worse than saying nothing at all.

Second, RIM clearly has a perception issue here. There’s a pretty big disconnect with what RIM does well and how they are perceived by the market. They’re clearly a different standard to how mobile platforms are judged.

Of course, there’s another way to look at this entirely. As my friend Ross Rubin says, “Three-foot, translucent floating screen responding to touch from behind by dancing demographic stereotypes pretty innovative.” Hard to argue that point even a little bit.

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