Why I like the Kin Concept

There have been few products that I can recall that have been a polarizing as Microosft’s Kin. My latest column on Slashgear talks about why I think Kin is actually a pretty good idea. The real test, however, won’t be what the opinions of the digerati are, it’s how “gen upload” views these devices and in what numbers they adopt them.

Coupled with a proper marketing and pricing message, I think Kin can be a success for Microsoft and achieve their goal of creating an optimized experience aimed at a very targeted demographic. Kin shows we’re past the phase of one size fits all for mobile technology, and it needs to be looked at and evaluated through that lens, not how well it maps to horizontal audiences.

2 responses to “Why I like the Kin Concept

  1. I have a teenage daughter (18) who fits the Kin demographic. When I showed it to her, she was disappointed that it wasn’t more iPhone-like (though she only has a basic LG phone with no touch capability).
    When I mentioned that it was from Microsoft, she turned her nose up.
    I think Microsoft has a hill to climb for this demographic, and I’m wondering if the Kin will suffer from this or be a leader in changing this view.

  2. I went into a Verizon store in the middle of center city philadelphia (the home of the hipster) and was told by a sales assistant that they have been unable to sell a single one. The phone is trash and I think youre seriously damaging your reputation as a tech analyst by supporting this phone. You sounded uninformed and off the wall on the endgadget podcast. Just admit this phone is trash and move on.

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