When technology is fashion

My latest Engadget column takes a look at what happens when technology and fashion intersect. It’s a different world out there as mainstream consumers care a lot more about aesthetics than just “feeds and speeds”. Color, form factor, materials used are now part of the purchase funnel as users are making their buy or no buy decisions. Vendors that aren’t factoring in fashion as part of what they create are making a big mistake.

My wrist watch and automobile were chosen in no small part due to aesthetics — so why not my phone, desktop or laptop? In fact, if more vendors spent more time on the physical design and attributes of their devices, they’d probably sell more of them.

2 responses to “When technology is fashion

  1. The thoughts which you have put in is correct because,
    users want to carry good looking gadgets with good user interfaces rather they look in technology.

  2. YES! A glace at a wrist monitor which is connected to a smart phone’s time, incoming calls, emails, music, push notification and more, that has the styling and quality of an accessory will be a hit to the consumer. This future product is not a gadget, but a serious status watch that carries the brand of the smartphone or another brand that exudes the same emotions as any ultra cool wrist watch!

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