Where Mobile and Social Networks Collide – My take on KIN One & Two

It’s been a topic of discussion and debate but KIN One and Two are here. I’ve spent some time with both devices and it’s the topic of my latest column on SlashGear.

Bottom line? KIN is something new. It’s not a feature phone or a smartphone. It’s something different with aspects of both. I’ve talked in the past at how this is likely to appeal to a specific demographic and psychographic that’s socially connected. Is it the phone for me? Probably not. I’m closer to Gen AARP than Gen Upload and I need my device to do different things. (although I’d love to see a Studio type feature as part of all Windows phones along with Mac music sync). Is there a market for KIN? Absolutely. The key challenge will be how well Microsoft and Verizon can tell the KIN story to the target market. Neither the analysts, pundits or journalists will make or break this platform, the real and only question is how well the message resonates with target audience.

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