On Apples and Androids and Blackberrys

Interesting news today from NPD on Android passing iPhone in US marketshare. Some quick thoughts.

1. It’s an Apples to Androids comparison. Android (to Google’s credit) is on multiple devices on multiple carriers. Combine that with buy one, get one free offers and it’s no surprise that Android and RIM are in the number one and two positions. Given RIM’s been around longer, makes even more sense.

2. It shows Microsoft needs some work here. Windows Mobile has been around longer than Android and Android doing better. For now.

3. This is a fast moving market and what we’re seeing is a snapshot in time that’s not likely relevant long term. Microsoft is introducing Windows Phone 7 later this year, Palm is now a part of HP. Google, Apple and RIM are all working on OS and platform refreshes so for the moment, there are a lot of players here who will shuffle for position over time.

What I do see interesting is how well Apple has done with a single device (for the most part) on a single carrier in the US. That’s an interesting lesson that should not be missed by the competition.

7 responses to “On Apples and Androids and Blackberrys

  1. I don’t think that these numbers should bother Apple to much. I don’t think Apple ever thought they would be number one in sales over all markets and carriers, just number one in experience and profit. Make the best phone and make the most money from it. Honestly, it makes me very happy to see other phones doing well. Competition is good and I hope Apple leans to steal good features from these phones just like they have been copying Apple.

  2. Let’s not forget this excludes sales to business users. This is Joe Public only.

    Android and business don’t mix.

    Buy one get one free reeks of desperation. Android is becoming the bargain basement of the mobile space.


    Thank goodness Apple are focussing on a quality rollout and are not falling back on desperate tactics to shift units.

    Now lets see how much cash Google are making from Android….? Exactly. FAIL.

  3. Very good summary Michael, I completely agree that we are in the middle of a transition.

    The beauty of this for Apple is that they gain more profit through economies of scale: 3 HW platforms (iPhone, 3G, 3Gs) running one software baseline, with compatible accessories equates to much less overhead costs in testing per device.

    I believe the next company(s) to take a shot at this level of efficiency based profitability will be the combination of Qualcomm + Google + HTC.

  4. “That’s an interesting lesson that should be missed by the competition.” – Did you really mean that in the affirmative..?

  5. “What I do see interesting is how well Apple has done with a single device (for the most part) on a single carrier in the US. That’s an interesting lesson that should not be missed by the competition.”

    thats what i was thinking in your post before, why most of companies are making too much devices, diversification you would say, but its in my opinion a good way to lose not only control over SO devices, apps and online resources plus, that there’s too much choices in a brand, and too much brands to take a effective choice, like when you said in the last post , its not only good hardware, its too about good look appealing device, and uniques device type/kind/brand. if i had a billion i would like to buy Nokia, dismantle and reorder every portion of this company. ok digressing…

  6. Of course there is a persistent rumor that Apple may not be a single carrier offering for too much longer. If that were to occur, and there were more iPhone carrier choices than AT&T, I wonder what these market share numbers would then look like?

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