Two weeks on the road, Ten iPad lessons

I recently spent two weeks on the road for business travel sans laptop. My main device was the iPad. The ten lessons i’ve learned are the topic of
my column this week on SlashGear.

Overall, I’ve been pleased with the experience and find that there’s enough functionality to make the iPad useful for not only content consumption but content creation. So why not just use a netbook? Easy, while netbooks offer much of the functionality I lack on the iPad, it comes at too high a price. Lower screen resolutions, slower than my laptop performance and cramped keyboards are too many tradeoffs for me. The instant on capabilities, fast performance combined with a full XGA screen make the iPad experience unique, not quite a laptop but certainly more than just a large iPod touch. For me, it’s now a valuable travel companion.

2 responses to “Two weeks on the road, Ten iPad lessons

  1. This is one of the very few articles that describe day to day use of the iPad. Very nice and informative!

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