Consumer education has been a key to Apple success

Back in 1984, the first magazine devoted to Apple Macintosh came to the market. Macworld has been a must read for me ever since. I’m therefore pleased to now be writing a monthly column on Apple for Macworld and my thanks to Jason Snell for allowing me this opportunity to offer my insight and analysis to Macworld readers. My inaugural column deals with what I believe is one of the key to Apple’s success over the last decade. Education. Apple 101 if you will. Few vendors have taken the time to explain to the market just what their products do and why consumers should purchase them. Fewer have spent the time and effort at retail (or the classroom) to let users come and learn about Apple products.

Education is the magic that’s behind much of Apple’s current success, but it’s been a decade-long process of determination, patience and keeping one’s own counsel in the face of market critiques. The question is, can Apple’s competitors get school in session and get consumers to enroll, or is the consumer going to be faithful to their alma mater?

2 responses to “Consumer education has been a key to Apple success

  1. Google is so wrong with the tv device, what APPLE is going to do is their own tv (iTV) integrating all, Cable, Games, Software, Internet, and the iPad iPod iPhone, iMac, are able to control it: Sony, Xbox, and others go to work to melt software and hardware and magical selling. The bullet in the head is the iTv is going to have only one bottom.

  2. I think one thing Apple can do is to find some method for putting a mac in a users hand for some period of time. Rent-a-mac if you will. My experience has been – put a Mac in the hands of a Windows user for 4 hours – and you will make a sale.

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