iOS and life beyond the PC

There were quite a few numbers tossed out this week at Apple’s developer con fence but perhaps the most important one was 100 million, the total number of iPhone OS devices in the market as of this month. In fact, Apple renamed iPhone OS to simply iOS. This week’s SlashGear column looks at this in depth and how Apple is taking the platform battle beyond the PC.

“While Microsoft talks about multiple connected screens, Windows is a PC platform and Windows Phone a smartphone platform. There’s no unified model, architecture or evangelism to tie those products and services together just yet. Google on the other hand has articulated a similar strategy for Android, a platform for phones, tablets, TVs, netbooks and every other non-PC device. Expect to see more clashes in the months ahead between Cupertino and Mountain View and more companies to look to Microsoft as the new Switzerland for alliances and partnerships (Apple in fact did announce a Microsoft partnership at WWDC and the Bing search engine is now an option on iOS and Safari) I think we’re seeing a bold strategy in play. A recognition that the PC vs. Mac is a battle for the last century not this one. By marginalizing the personal computer, including Macintosh, Apple sets the stage for where the real battle of the future is and what life might look like in a post-PC world.”

3 responses to “iOS and life beyond the PC

  1. Actually, there is a common thread of platform architecture at MS. It’s called Silverlight. You see they have SL on the new phone, the desktop, and Xbox; the same is true for XNA, which also targets Zune. Maybe they’re not evangelizing it much out in the broader world, but it’s there.

      • Or maybe I know something you don’t know. ;) I’m not saying that Apple isn’t executing very well on the unified platform strategy (it is), but the post was in fact in correct. I just wanted to get the facts straight. It’s too easy to prematurely dismiss Microsoft, especially amongst Apple and Google fanboydom.

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