Wired or tired? Tired I think

In this week’s Engadget column, I take a look at the state of magazines on the iPad. Feels way too much like CD ROMs of the 90s and way overpriced.

Even worse, the price point is hard to swallow. Charging the full cover price for a digital magazine makes no sense when I can subscribe to the paper edition of Wired for a year at a much lower cost per issue — especially given that there’s no paper, ink, shipping or distribution charges. Given the lack of flexibility, I’d assume there would at least be some incentive to get me to make the digital purchase, and even more so in light of the fact that the bulk of the content is already available online at Wired’s website for free. It’s ironic that Editor-in-chief Chris Anderson famously wrote a book called “Free” — the Wired iPad app is the perfect case to try out some of those business models.

One response to “Wired or tired? Tired I think

  1. Most of the old media dance around this one very uncomfortable fact: Most of the content they produce is simply not worth paying for. The market has appropriately priced their contributions at $0 and this is very unsettling to them. There is a lot of great content out there that is made at lower cost. Until media companies grapple with the content quality problem they will not dig themselves out of the hole they are in. The Wired app is just another symptom of truth avoidance.

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