Some advice for Android tablet vendors

In this week’s SlashGear column I take a look at some of the challenges facing vendors building Android tablets and offer some advice. It’s great to see that’s there’s going to be competition in this space but too many of the early efforts are missing the boat with some pretty obvious stuff. The biggest problem is Google isn’t supporting this form factor just yet and while Android is open and Google won’t stop you from building a device, they’re not getting behind most of these early efforts and that’s going to set things back for a bit. So, would you buy an Android based tablet at this point? Why or why not?

I think it’s good that we are seeing some heated competition in the tablet space. Apple’s iPad has set the bar and that functionality is now the table stakes for the industry. Vendors must build devices that at least equal the iPad experience, offer clear differentiation and features or exceed what Apple has delivered. Let’s see who will step up to the game and raise the bar.

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