In the Aftermath of E3

Few things in the tech industry bring out the devoted fanbois enthusiasts like the console wars. From the early days of Atari 2600 vs. Intellivsion and Colecovision the debates go on endlessly. While I’m a gamer at heart, I share no allegiance to any one system (except perhaps a fondness for my Vectrex). That said, this weeks’ Engadget column provoked a lot of emotional responses and a lot of emails. (special thanks to those who emailed me their wishes to be fruitful and multiply, even if you didn’t use those words. In my view, Microsoft came out ahead, followed by Nintendo and Sony. But lurking in the shadows, I think there’s another player that might emerge over time.

Bottom line? It was a pretty impressive E3, arguably the most interesting show we’ve seen in years. Gamers have some really nice choices ahead of them, and all three major players have a chance to gain some ground over the holidays and pick up some new users. But there’s a wildcard here — Apple’s recently made some big moves into gaming with their iOS platform, which has taken mobile game marketshare from both Sony and Nintendo. Will iOS make it to the TV screen on a new Apple TV, and if it does games come with it? The gaming market might change dramatically if that happens.

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