Making the case for EVO vs. iPhone

It’s been one of the hottest debates over the last few weeks, the HTC EVO 4G vs the iPhone 4. (or substitute HTC Droid Incredible of Nexus One) It’s a debate that’s raged in chatrooms, Twitter and even on YouTube where a Best Buy employee (who has a job now at risk over it) created this humorous gem.

In my opinion, it’s not a question of which is the better phone, but rather, which is the best phone for you. Unlike many opining, i’ve been fortunate to have spent some quality time with both. After carrying both devices simultaneously for a few weeks I came up with a guide to help make the decision. That’s the topic for this week’s SlashGear column. So which (or neither?) do you think might be the best phone for you?

Bottom line? Both phones are state of the art and redefine the top end of the smartphone line. Both phones, though, carry a different design philosophy and where you stand on some of the issues I’ve outlined will lead you down one path or the other. The really fun part? Neither company was a major player in the mobile space just a short time ago. If we were chatting about the mobile market just three years ago, neither Apple nor Google would have been an integral part of the discussion. That velocity of mobile just means we’ll no doubt be having this type of conversation over and over again in the weeks and months ahead, and that’s just fine for me.

2 responses to “Making the case for EVO vs. iPhone

  1. ok, let’s have a different conversation.
    Which phone would you still use after 1 year? 2 years? After 2 years, I think the iphone 4 will still be a good phone, where as the EVO I’ve not so sure. (FYI i don’t even have an iphone)

  2. I think both phones are exceptional in their own way. The iPhone 4 is great for somebody who wants a high-end phone that happens to be on AT&T’s network and the evo 4g is great if your a first time phone buyer. Wince most people I know is on AT&T it would be pointless to say I like the evo and I can’t have but if I wasn’t on any network I would definitely give a try because I’m all too familiar with the iOS that Apple. Now, I’m ready to test a serious android phone whether it’s the evo, droid incredible, or even the newly announced samsung captivate

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