Is it time for Microsoft to begin porting some services and applications to other platforms?

It’s been a tough year for Microsoft’s mobile efforts. Perception of the current platform is weak, the Kin project was killed after just 48 days in the market and now Microsoft is planning a major relaunch of Windows Phone 7 later this year. In this week’s Engadget column I take a look at several applications and services that could potentially be potted to other platforms and devices. It would be a risky move, much as when Apple opened iTunes up to Windows users. Is it time for Microsoft to once again embrace and extend or risk the fate of engulf and devour? What do you think?

“It’s not likely that Microsoft (or any other vendor) will dominate the mobile platform space they way that Windows dominated the PC industry. While Windows Phone 7 may allow Microsoft to become a strong mobile platform provider, porting applications and services to other platforms can help Redmond become the key provider for core functionality across multiple platforms and devices. As non-PC devices become more important to consumers, this is a perfect opportunity for Microsoft to set the standard for core functionality on every platform and further drive the Microsoft brand into the consumer world. The alternative is to allow others to drive those standards — and rather than embrace and extend, Microsoft’s efforts could be engulfed and devoured.”

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